Printing a Gantt chart

Is there a way to print a large Gantt chart across multiple pages? The PDF option seems ineffective as it produces a single screenshot without properly formatting the chart across multiple pages. This functionality appears to be a basic feature, and while it used to exist based on information from YouTube, it seems to have been removed.

The last discussion on the topic was in April 22.


Hey James,

I hear where you’re coming from. At this stage, it isn’t currently supported to break up the gantt across multiple pages, I apologise for the setback :pray:

I will follow-up with our team internally about our plan to improve this moving forward!

What would the priority of this being fixed with I would like a sense if this is a dream never to be solved or actually something we can depend on being addressed. Considering its been like this for what looks like at least 2 years I don’t feel optimistic.

Hey James,

I recognise that this has been a long standing request and followed up with our team about where this currently sits on our roadmap - I will get back to you with an answer as soon as I can!

Hey James, thanks for your patience with me!

I’ve heard back from our team internally who clarified that at this stage it isn’t on their immediate roadmap, however they do plan to tackle the gantt towards the end of the year, so your feedback is incredibly important. I understand this isn’t necessarily the response you were after but rest assured I will share updates with you as soon as they’re shared with me.


Thanks for the update. Can you advise is there is an Add-in that one could purchase that would solve this problem?

I would add that the export of RAW data needs to be improved. Currently the export is not in simple columns and rows that can be imported into other systems. When we import data into you require simple columns and rows but when provides export you don’t do the same. That is nuts.



I have investigated internally James and transparently, I am not familiar with a recommended app for this purpose. I will continue to keep an eye out and discuss with the team if they’re familiar with any apps. I appreciate your feedback, and have shared this with the team responsible for the this functionality :pray: