Answers: what is mapping & how do I set it up?

I’m a huge fan of our ability to map information from one item to another with automations. I think it’s a super useful tool and can really enhance the right workflow. In this post, I’ll go over mapping information from one board to another to give you an idea of how this can work for you.

Let’s say that my Local Lunch Spots board looks like this:

I also have a board for each food delivery service. And I want to move items from Local Lunch Spots to an Uber Eats board when the “Order on” status changes to “Uber Eats”. This is what the Uber Eats board looks like:

It also has a Status column and a rating column, but nothing else.

And this is the integration recipe we’ll use:

First we’ll set the Status column and status label we want to use for the trigger, and then the board where we want to create the item. You must select the board before you’ll be able to map the item.

To map the item, click on the word “item” in the recipe. A few things to note.

  • You have the option to select the group where the new item will be created.
  • The list of columns beneath the group are the columns on the destination board (in this case, the Uber Eats board).
  • The + symbol in a blue circle to the right of each field will allow you to see all of the columns on your source board (in this case, Local Lunch Spots).
  • Select a column from this dropdown list to map information from the source board to the destination board.

That’s it! That’s mapping. This is what the fully mapped item will look like for this example: