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Hi guys! can be used as a CRM, you can create a sales pipeline, manage your clients, accounts and more.

When creating a pipeline you can assign an account manager on a people column.

You can add a text column for the point of contact from company or lead you received. We have an email column for that POC as well. You can add date columns to indicate contract start and end point, or last contacted, and of course you can write updates on that lead or client in the updates section.

More cool features for a CRM include a World Clock that gives you an indication of your client’s timezone, along with a location column that indicates where they’re from. Our tags column is great to link together a few boards. Example, if I use the same tag on two boards or multiple pulses, when I click on that tag I can see everything with that tag in a crossboard search that could be useful for CRM’s as well. For example, to show industry your clients relate to. You can use status columns to indicate priority or status of that deal.

Another great tool is using our number column and formula column to create forecasts according to your workflow.

If your company uses in different forms I would love to know! Just add a pic and explanation on this thread :slight_smile:


Love this! To take this CRM to the next level, I recommend using the email integrations :slight_smile: Check them out here: []


I’ve just seen the Clearbit integration that’s on the roadmap. (For those who haven’t googled it, can look-up person and company data using emails and domains. In other words, it can automatically fill out your CRM information.)

However, I see it’s REALLY expensive. $12,000 / year for a salesforce integration. Or $99/year if you manually use their API.

It would be AMAZING if could somehow broker that price to be more afforadable to users. Otherwise, I’m not sure how valuable it will be as an integration for most of us.

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Interesting feedback! Will pass this along internally and see what we can do with that, if anything :slight_smile:

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Excellent, it helps us with the accounts receivable and the payments that should be made

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I see Salesforce, Sugar, Pipedrive is on the roadmap.

I’d like to suggest ESPOCRM. It is gaining rapid traction as a fresh and clean opensource CRM and has a good websocket API.

@olof thanks for the suggestion!

Can you open this as a new topic under the Feature Requests category?

Hi all,

I am user, after create new item, I input phone or email into this item. So Monday can show or notification or not allow me to input the same phone or email that already existed in another item?

Hope that to hearing feedback from you soon.

Hi everyone!

We’d love to see how you’ve been using to manage your CRM! What features you’re using, workflows and more! Feel free to upload a screenshot of your boards, and share a couple of lines about it!

We’re excited to see how you’ve set it up so far! :muscle: :sunglasses: