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We have experimented with a couple of Document Signing options. The Docusign integration with Monday works decently, but their pricing and use model is whacked - limiting one to only 100 ‘signings’ per account is completely useless for firms that are doing regular onboarding and using it, for example. So we’ve been exploring other options.

Zohosign has a very similar product to Docusign, but doesn’t seem to have the same webhook integration for receiving documents, that is, there doesn’t appear to be the same type of option where if a user returns a signed document, that Monday has a hook to see it, and attach it to that record. Assuming or Zapier might help with this.

Has anyone used/linked other solutions than Docusign (pandadoc appears to be another possibility) where the incoming (returned) signed documents are easily attached to a column/field in

Zoho’s integration where you can use their Zohodrive is not very useful - it opens up the shared drive, but then it’s just a mess of documents, with no distinguishing them other than dates of creation, so one has to sift/open/view documents to find what one might need. And one can sign into Zohosign and then sift through their dashboard to see who sent what, but this is very manual, and defeats the purpose of automation!

Hi @Gregory - we have setup integrations with PandaDoc and monday in the past. Zoho Sign is not something we have experience in, but it is available in so likely possible to integrate with monday in this way.


@Gregory GetSign is alternative to Docusign Integration available in the marketplace.

It is affordable compared to DocuSign and you get the Signed documents stored in your board. Check it out! looking forward to your feedback.

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We’ve integrated monday com with Zoho Sign for our clients using an exclusive platform. Upon completing the integration, our clients can successfully sign 200+ onboarding documents per day. With this integration, you can create custom signatures on monday com and approve workflows automatically by setting up triggers, searches, and actions. With intuitive e-signing functionalities, you can automate everything starting from document formation to signature collection, thereby enabling your enterprise to reduce paper-based processing.

If you’re looking to connect monday com with the Zoho Sign tool, hire integrations experts from a recognized service provider. From validating online documents to authorizing contracts, the integration experts can automate all your signing processes.

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