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I have enterprise on both Monday and PandaDoc. I want to send documents to sign from a board and be able to track the status of that document in a status column. I’ve installed the integration but not sure how to setup the status column to stay in sync. Do I need to use a webhook? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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We use this set up for our contracts and jes, you must have a webhook to create the documents that is triggered off of a status.

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Mike B
Automation Architect

Hey @sgharibian

Welcome to the community! Now sharing and validation of documents directly from monday .com is possible with Webhooks integration. This integration offers real-time updates from monday .com boards, making it an ideal alternative to constantly requesting signatures manually. You can use it to request users subscribe to events on the boards and notify them for signature through an HTTP request URL.

If you’re looking to understand and implement Webhooks integration, hiring integration experts is the right choice. They will perform the integration with boards, and walk you through how to verify/sign a document through the webhook URL, the repeat policy, and other queries.

I have good news! We’re releasing e-signatures as a new feature in DocuGen starting next week. With DocuGen Sign you get the assurance of legally-admissible signatures thanks to a tamper-proof digital seal (like DocuSign):

  • Populate documents from board data
  • Send documents to multiple signers
  • Automate document sending using automations

We’re granting access to DocuGen Sign early adopters as soon as next week (10 June.) If you would like access, please fill out this form:

@sgharibian @MikeB_Axanexa @DamcoSolutions

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