making options request to get field types to same field type id

We have 3 field types each of which is pulling in options from different urls

We use these field types in our recipe workflow
but for each of these fields we are receiving api request to same endpoint of the first one to get mirror columns. when I inspect the reqeust that is sent to Where Teams Get Work Done
in payload fieldTypeId is same for all 3 types of fields.
How can we debug this issue?

hi @yolo,

I make use of custom field types in many of our apps. Do you have:

  • different “Default field key”
  • different “Remote Options URL”

settings for all 3 field types? Also, when you use these field types in your WorkFlow Blocks you need to add the three fields types and specify the “Field Key”, good practice is to use the “Default field key” specified in your field type, but you still have to enter that.

If everything setup this looks to be a case for the appsupport team.

hello @basdebruin
yes it’s different default key and remote options URL, One thing strage to me was when checking network tab for request to options endpoint it seems to be passing same fieldTypeId for all 3 field types

hi @yolo

The fieldTypeId seems to be the internal reference for the Field Type. Doesn’t sound good when these are all the same. Did you receive requests on the three different endpoints?

@basdebruin received all request to same first api endpoint instead of separate endpoints and when I check fieldtypeId it’s the one that get’s the request.

That is weird. You backend provides three different routes (no routing between them)?

yes three different routes

I think it’s time to mail