Monday for Mortgage Business

Does anyone have any experience building out a Monday board for a mortgage company?

I am looking to build out a board that will show the different tasks needed for team members, the dates they were completed, and show the progress of the loan as each milestone is completed.

We are looking for something super simple. We have access to great technology but some of it has a learning curve. We are trying to cut down on communication clutter. We are looking for something where a team of three can go in and make sure everyone is doing there jobs.

Hey @rickyy - I just posted a reply to your other post. Hope you find it helpful.

We’re pretty booked up next week, but if you’re not in a huge hurry, I’d love to chat about your needs. We offer a free 30-minute “More with monday” consultation and you can book it here:

Cool, no disrespect but how can I learn your credentials and ability to build out on this platform?

Hi, @rickyy - Sure, we have a page here on our site: that tells a bit about what we do and our experience with the platform.

One of the full solution apps we built for monday, called CRO Flow, just placed as a Runner-Up in the recent apps contest (Best Engineered category).

Look at MLO Shift. It’s a customized version of Active Campaign, created by a Loan Officer. We use it…there’s nothing to touch it. We run 40 loans a month thru it, one LO, one LOA.