Monday for project intake

We’re exploring Monday as an option to replace our current project management/intake solution (Trello). Our workflow starts with a form that a requester fills out detailing what they want for the project. We are able to set up that form to write to but we have not found a way for the requester to be able to see the current status of their project. It seems like once they fill out the form, they have no way to see their project.

Are we missing something?

Hi Golfer,

There are a number of ways to approach this. For example, you can create a shared view of a board:

You could also use Enterprise to set advanced permissions and assign stakeholders in a column, so that they could only see projects related to them.

Using as a tool for external presentation/interaction is definitely one of the more advanced uses of the platform. It requires expert knowledge of the permissions options and often it can require one of the hire tiers due to the additional options available.

It all depends on your use case. For instance, what kind of information do you expect the requester to be able to see? Is it a simple status column on a single item or something more intricate? How many requesters do you have per year? How many at a given time?

There’s a lot to explore. Here’s some helpful reading:

Please feel free to reach out if you need more help.

Thanks, Francis.

I think we essentially see a user submission as a “ticket” for work done. We’re a design team, so basically requestors fill out a form with the project details, include all assets we need to fulfill the work, etc. The issue at hand is that once they submit the initial form, there doesn’t seem to be a way for them to track their “ticket” or project.

ZenDesk, for instance, emails the requester with a confirmation that their ticket was received and provides a link on where to check ticket progress/comments. We’re looking for something similar to that functionality.

Exposing the board to the Internet is a non starter for us.

Again, as I mentioned, for advanced sharing options, Enterprise really offers a lot more in terms of permissions. These can be significant. Here are a couple of different approaches:

Using Enterprise level permissions

  • Store a ticket as an item directly populated by the form.
  • Keep all of the data you want to share as updates and data on that item.
  • Invite the requestor as a guest.
  • Grant access to the submitted with a basic automation to set the creator in an “Access” column.
  • Set board level permissions to only allow people to see items they’re assigned to.

The above will allow a user to see only items created by their requests, while still allowing you to keep all "tickets"N (items) on a single board.

Using a board per project

It’s possible to share a board and grant board-level access at any pricing tier. So you could do the following:

  • Once a ticket is submitted, transfer that data to a board and make use of the board to manage a project using multiple items (these might be different tasks related to that project).
  • Invite the requestor as a guest.
  • Grant board access to the requestor’s guest user

The second option might be unwieldy if you are managing 10+ requests per month, but it would be fine, for instance, if you were handling something like 4 requests per year. There’s a lot that goes into structuring your solution. I’d recommend reading up through the documentation and really getting a feel for the permissions settings if you’re planning on building everything yourself. Good luck!

It appears that you’re considering Monday as a potential replacement for your current project management/intake solution, Trello. From your description, it seems that Monday offers the functionality to collect project details through a form giveaway, but you’re concerned about the requester’s ability to track the current status of their project.

Based on the information provided, it seems that you may have overlooked a feature or setting within Monday that would enable requesters to access and monitor the progress of their projects. It would be worth exploring the platform further to ensure you’re utilizing all the available options effectively.