Monday form to capture description and populate the items update (conversation)

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a board, as a form, that can capture an item description (on the form) and display the description as an update (in the conversation), rather than having to add another large text column.

I know the Zendesk integration can do this, when submitting tickets in zendesk the description comes through as an update on the item. But I can’t seem to do it with a form?

Hello @Dazski!

This can not be achieved using the Workform only.

You could create the update using the API when the new item arrived (from a text column) if you wanted. But that would just be a workaround for it.


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As Matias mentioned, you could use the monday API to do that.

In my opinion, the easiest way to use the API for small tasks like that is with Make. You can find out more about Make here: What is Make & How can it help you?

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I’m assuming this is some kind of add-on for Monday at an extra cost?


I’m guessing you didn’t click the link to find out more? :grin:

Make is a “no-code” platform where you can create “scenarios” to manipulate monday data (and most any other system that has APIs).

It does have a free level. For most monday customers that need more it costs about $10/month.

I am a Make advocate. But, it is not MY product.

If you are looking to simply add the item name from the form as an Update:

@Dazski @Matias.Monday @JCorrell

We will definitely consider to add this to our Extract app (link below) would you be able to share more information about your usecase is it for ticketing? Any other data extraction triggers needed?


Yes our use case is pretty much a ticketing system.

We would like staff to be able to complete a form, which submits a request directly to our Action List board (backlog). The developer team can then review the board in the weekly sprint meetings, prioritise and action the work.

If the form had a description field (allowing the requester to discuss the request/bug in detail), which then came through as an update on the board item that would be great!

It would also be cool if Monday forms had conditional logic, to hide/show/automate different options depending on user selection. For example,

Request type: Bug | New Feature | Question
Priority: Urgent (if bug) | Normal (if new feature) | Low (if question)

I’m not sure this solution would work. To me it looks like all items created would have the same update text? The idea is to allow each item to have its own update upon creation, defined by the user creating the item.

I was thinking about an integration that does this - When new Item is created in the board save Description as an Update.


@Dazski, not sure if I’m understanding your use case or what you are ultimately trying to achieve other than the item name being included as an update. The automation provided would create an Update on the item with the text that the form submitter entered in the Item Name field. It is a dynamic to each item.