Monday in the Gmail Sidebar / Google Enterprise & Monday for Chrome

Monday and Google - better together

I love Monday, but I’m missing it within Gmail and believe a lot of value is being left on the table without the integration. Essentially, many of the apps I use and pay for are baked into Google Enterprise, such as DocuSign, Evernote, MixMax etc.

Gmail, Chrome and the Gsuite Marketplace

While I can trigger automations within Monday that take data from Gmail and place it into my boards as pulses, I would love the ability to create actions from within Gmail. A Chrome plugin could do this with the Gmail sidebar SDK. Or, Monday could be listed from with the GSuite Admin.

In either case, for a Gmail Add-on, Chrome Extension, or App in the GSuite marketplace I’m very surprised Monday is not whitelisted there as a project management app. Other competitors like Asana, Mavenlink and Trello are there in the GSuite Marketplace.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

I use Gmail for sales and business, as well as managing my company. So, I think Monday for Gmail would be an easy win. Moreover, Monday for Chrome would be smart also, another slightly different but similar feature request.


Yes! Clickup does this well with their Chrome extension. Is love to see something similar for Monday.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, within the Gmail sidebar. Monday would be excellent in the Gsuite as a happy customer. I have nothing but :astonished: when I don’t see it here, with all the ratings and review left on the table.

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I would also love to see a Chrome Extension. I use the OneNote and Fireshot Extensions regularly. It would be great to have a Monday Extension that sends webpages to items, and/or could screenshot sites and save that to the files column of a new item.

Thanks CWIAassoc, that’s precisely what I was looking for, to have Monday on Chrome, and inside the Google Suite marketplace.

Hi @LambertStrategy @cwiassoc @TheOtherPM! Great news coming your way soon - we are working on a Chrome extension for you to add items to your board. it is currently in the alpha phase but know that we’re looking to get this out to beta in the coming months if not sooner! Stay tuned for this development! Cheers!


Hi Laura,

Will there be an opportunity to test while in Beta?

Excellent news, thanks Laura! Will be looking to join the Beta and Alpha phase is possible.

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:heart_eyes: Wonderful news, thank you! :heart_eyes:

How about firefox extension?

Hi @lauraglev is it possibile to test the extension into the alfa/beta version?
Thanks in advance

Great news @lauraglev looking forward to the alpha/beta

Hey @LambertStrategy! Just pinged the developer who is working on this - right now it is not available for beta but I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted here :slight_smile: Cheers!

Hey @lauraglev! Thanks for letting me know, there are so many use-cases for getting it inside Chrome. :100:

This would be a huge time saver through out the day.

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Agreed, thanks, it would be very valuable for productivity

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Hi everyone! Thanks for your interest in this capability :+1: I wanted to share a quick update on this.

As our team’s priorities have shifted with the current global situation, the timeline for the Chrome extension has been pushed back. We’re expecting to start working on this again towards the end of next quarter. We will be sure to update you as we have more information!



Thank you kindly for the detailed update on when the Google Enterprise will be started.