Monday makes lead creation through forms mandatory

Having created a form to go on the website which now connects to leads, I am unable to create a lead manually through the table view. It must be done through the form I have created. This is a problem because I have an automation set up to alert the team when a new lead comes through a form. So when a form gets sent internally (through an internal lead creation), the whole team gets notified, which shouldn’t happen.

Any ideas how I can create a lead internally without using the form I created (which now sits on our website)?

You can create a new lead by clicking on the button

Hi there, apologies if I wasn’t clear. I would like to not create the lead via form, rather via adding a row. Creating a lead via form triggers the automation I have set up which I do not want. I used to be able to create the lead by adding a row, but since adding the form, it seems I must create the lead via the form, which is not what I want to do all the time.

You can configure this in the Board settings.

There is an option for „item creation via form“ if you disable this internal employees can create leads via adding a new row and you can still receive external Leads through forms.

Alternatively you can also use the workforms automations to only send out a notification when a lead form is sent through externally - this way your employees could still use the form to add leads

Ok thank you. I tried disabling ‘item creation via form’. Doing so did not resolve this - it still created the item via the form.
I’ll try using the workforms automation as a work around and create the form elsewhere, not through ‘new lead board’.