Require form use to enter item to a board

I’m having an issue with a board automation. I am storing contact information in a board and one of the columns is an email address. I have an automation “When an item is created send an email to Email” and this runs fine if an item is created via a form. If a user creates an item using the add item button, it does not send an email. My question is, can I force users to add items to a board via a form instead of using “add item”?


Hi @sgriggs

I don’t think that is possible. The reason your automation is not working is because when the item is creted on the board the ema address is probably not available yet. You might want to change the automation to something like “when status is changed…” trigger. If you want the form to work also you might need both automations.

Thank you for your help @basdebruin. I believe you are correct about the email not being available yet. I think I will have to use a trigger status as you suggested or possibly just make it a button. The automated email would be nice but pressing a button isn’t so difficult.


Hey @sgriggs! So glad to hear @basdebruin could answer this! If you have any questions, send us a message at and we’d be happy to help!

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