Monday SDK listen itemIds in Dashboard widget

I am using monday sdk in my dashboard widget app, I want to get filtered data for boards. I tried listening to itemIds event but it does’nt retunr anything.

monday.listen(“itemIds”, (res) => {

This works fine in board view but nothing in dashboard widget

Hey @gary - welcome to the community!

Let me check in with the team on this and get back to you.


Any update on this?

Gary Singh

Hey @gary,

Thanks for checking in on this!

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, are there any boards connected to this widget app? Perhaps this is working in the board view because the app only has to reference a specific board which is derived from app context, but in the case of widgets, you’d need to reference boards as well.

I’d really appreciate further input from you here so that we could investigate this behaviour further :slight_smile:


Hey Thanks for your reply Alex,

Yes there are boards connected and I can even do those filters and it changes that battery widget(default monday widget) but I am not able to catch the data changed using recommended method in my own app.
monday.listen(“itemIds”, (res) => {

Any update on this?
I am waiting for this for long time

For all others-- the listen method for itemIds will not work on custom widgets at this time, as board filters are separate from widget filters.

Feature request that I will submit for our dev team!


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