More and larger image thumbnails in file columns


I read these two articles.

Triple height is a great improvement. However, let me say one more thing.

You should add an option to make the margins of the image thumbnails as small as possible to fit into the frame while maintaining the aspect ratio, like in the attached image.

Both Airtable and Google spreadsheet can do this, but not
Since I rely on image thumbnails for my filmmaking projects, the thumbnails must look large in the list. So, please accept this proposed modification.

Thank you.

I totally second that request. The thumbnails are too small even at maximum row height.
We have built boards with the file column but it’s not good UX, you need to hover to see something.
Our current workaround which it not ideal is to use an aditionnal card view that doesn’t give us the information we like in a regular board view.

If you agree and would benefit from bigger thumbnails please consider voting for this post (at the top left of this thread!)
Thank you

This is a MAJOR issues for my company (Video Production). We Include a thumbnail for each of our YouTube projects for easy identification. We came from a giant Google Sheet, which displayed this very nicely but was otherwise far less sophisticated than Monday. It’s been the one sticking point for selling Monday to my boss, as he’s a very visual worker. We convinced him to do it anyway, but it’s been an ongoing request! I suspect that the “attachments” column wasn’t exactly designed for images in mind, so maybe we need a separate “Thumbnails” or “Images” column type.