More display options for File column thumbnails

It would be great to have more display options for what the links in a File column look like, perhaps customisable by board. Currently, all files and links display in a File column as a thumbnail, but when you have several Google Drive files (or several generic hyperlinks) within a single item, they all look the same and you have to hover over each one to see which is which.

I have a digital asset management board which I have exported to Google Sheets (despite preferring the interface, view options and filter capabilities of because it’s much easier to see which digital documents I have saved and find the one I’m looking for, or see if the doc linked in a column is a draft or final version, because it’s labelled accordingly in the doc title which displays in the ‘chip’. This makes it much easier to use. See comparison below:


DAM Sheets

With Google Drive already connected to my account (enabling me to attach the Drive files in the first place), it should be possible to pull the file’s title and relevant thumbnail (Docs/Sheets/Slides file etc) in the same way that Google Drive can do internally. By extension, it would be amazing if this could be done for all hyperlinks - have the option to display, within the board, the page title and icon of any destination URL (i.e. the icon and text that would label your browser tab if you opened the URL).

These wouldn’t have to update dynamically all the time in the background - in Google Sheets, the name of the file is pulled when you first attach the file, and it’s only when you hover over the specific file chip that you get a message saying ‘The title is out of date. Update?’ and the option to update it to reflect the current title.

Making the Files column more visually informative would enable me to do all my asset management on which is what I’d prefer to do going forward.