More condensed interface view (Reduce size and spacing of User Interface items)

When i am in a board, there is a lot of space between Groups of Items leading to a lot of scrolling and making it difficult to view a lot of information on one screen.

I wish there was a “Condensed View” option that reduced the size and spacing of Titles, Groups of Items, Tasks, etc. so more information could be viewed at once.

I agree- we’d like to see more items per view, and zooming out in Chrome creates odd visibility issues where text stacks


This would be really useful when making dashboards with tables in too please

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Agreed. I find the default text size way too big, and would like to be able to personalise my view. Using the browser zoom tends to muck up text.


  • Allow a “Zoom” feature - much like on a Word doc, you can choose the Zoom in or out percentage.
  • be able to choose a small/medium/large text size on each board (or by user preferences, rather than across an entire organisation’s account)
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The “new board view” has made this even worse. For example, collapsed groups now take up 2 lines of space (instead of 1 line)…

Totally agree on this point. Will definitely help if we have option to condense the views. Thanks

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It seems that years have passed and not much has been done.

This is not exactly the same thing but… I have a tutorial for new users and one of the first recommendations is for them to reduce the browser zoom, otherwise the item are too big and there’s a lot of scrolling.
For us, a reduced zoom to 75% seems to be the best way of having a better grasp of the information displayed. I also make sure that the more relevant information is place in the first columns.
Another step is to adjust - manually - the width of columns so they are tight to the content. Monday’s automatic adjustment doesn’t follow the content so… a LOT of workarounds…

Well, let me know what your solution has been.