Mother frame and children frames

Friends, I need some help!

I have a board that is the heart of our company, where each element represents a business, and each business has a team member who is appointed to manage it.

It so happens that this board is open to all members of the company, therefore, anyone can view the actions and productivity yield, there are no filters.

Due to the growth of our team and where the remuneration will be based on productivity, I need to create a way for each employee to have access only to the elements that are assigned to him, that is, no longer view the elements that are not assigned to him, it would be that a kind of mirroring only to his business, leaving full access only to the owners of the painting.

My idea is that every feed of information that members do in their elements, updates my mother board, and vice versa.

Can you help me with this request?

Hi @renato.rosa - the easiest way to make this work would be through Item View Permissions, however this is only available on Enterprise licensing.

As you mention you could use a single board to have all individual boards sync to. Depending on how many individual boards you have and if the sync needs to be two-way you can make this work with built-in automations/connected boards/mirroring.

If you ever need a hand, feel free to reach out anytime.