Move created incoming items from input form

Hi, I am trying to be able to automatically move incoming items from an input form to several other boards. Depending on what board the person selects on the form. I can only find how to automate to move all the item to one of the board. Is they a way a could create a trigger from the input on the form to move the item to the board selected on the input form?

If I understand correctly, I think you can achieve this relatively easily:

Create a corresponding status column on the “inbox” board.
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 17.01.58

Person submitting the form selects this field:

Use conditions in the automation that redirects the submissions:

Let me know if that works!

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Thank you! Ill give it a try

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Hi, I am having trouble finding “and only if”. When I select “When an item is created” I only have a list of “Then” as an option.

I found it
thank you

Thank you so much it worked just as I needed it to. I really appreciate the help.

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