Moving entire group when all status are Complete/Done


I was wondering if there is anyway to automate moving or archiving an entire group when Status is 100% Done and it is X amount of time after the latest date. So looking at the group overall information located at the bottom of each group.

If it helps looking at the image below from my test board. I would like for Project 2 to either be moved to another board 1 week after the latest Completed Date.

The automation statement would read something like:

1 week after Group Completed Date latest date arrives and only if Group Status is 100% Done, move group to Completed Projects board

Then when I’m ready to archive out of the Completed Project Board it would be:

3 months after Group Completed Date latest date arrives archive group

If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate the information!
Thank you in Advance!


You could do something similar by using pulse subitems and treating the pulse as a group if that makes sense?
You could then use the automation 'when all subitems of an item have the status of done, change item’s status to done.
Then it’s would be simple to change dates/archive that one pulse.
I know it’s not exactly what you want but it’s some sort of workaround that could work.

I don’t know what you mean by pulse subitems. Would you please explain?

Similar to this

I see. That unfortunately won’t work for us. Each Board is a Client. Each project Is a Group. Each item is a task. Each sub item is used to break-up a task (some tasks have more parts to them than others).

That wouldn’t be a bad idea if we could do sub items of a subitems.

Hi, we encountered a similar need. Did you find a solution to this?

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We have not. For the time being we’ve just added a project field and when a task is marked done the complete date fills in. Then we have automation to move it 1 week after the complete date.

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Hi Bri
Hope all is well
This should be possible using make, but it would still have its limitations, in that a new group with the same name could be created on the separate board, and make would copy the items to the new group on the separate board and remove the old ones, the draw back to this is that the historical updates etc would be lost

If this is something you would like to investigate further and need some help setting up
Then please let us know and we can schedule a quick call
Many thanks in advance

Were you able to move the entire group using the automation, or was it only for a single item?

Hi. I know this is old, but I was researching this same question. I’m new and under a month in. I don’t want to hard archive items as my understanding is once it goes to the official archive, I can’t apply data. So I created an “Archive” folder for each workspace.

After tooling around for the past month, I got pretty clever on how to work my way around some of these limitations. In my case, each board is it’s own job rather than each group. So in my situation, I could make a group labeled “FINAL” then set a rule that once the status has changed to “JOB COMPLETE” and only if it’s in that group, it will move the board.

In your case where you use groups, you could make one final task for the group and create a new status, “JOB COMPLETE”, and create an automation when that is tagged, the entire group is moved to your self made archive folder.

Hope that helps anyone new coming to this thread.

DISREGARD - I see that you can’t move an entire board/group in automation.