Moving Items from a board with lots of "Connect Board" Column Values

Hi Team,

I have a relatively specific case regarding Connect Board column values and moving items across boards. I understand the limitations created and the reasons involved with moving items across boards when they are connected to other boards.

Our use case is that most of our day to day tasks are held on one ‘Main’ board, with lots of bits of data being fed in from/to other boards. Many items are even created by other boards before being added to the Main board. Connect Board column values allow us to track where those items have come from, and to create report dashboards etc that filter by these values or values mirrored from the connected boards.

Our Main board is now becoming full and we will need to start removing some of these items. We are not deleting them or archiving them, as we need them for the reporting dashboards. Instead, I’ve created a duplicate of the main board and am attempting to move the items there, but can’t actually move any items as lots of data is lost.

It’s brilliant that the app warns you that the severing of this connection will occur before it happens, but it’s not super useful as it doesn’t tell you which columns/boards/items are not configured correctly.

I have run some API calls to assess which columns on the Main board are connected to other boards and believe these are all configured correctly, but I think the ones I’m missing are One-Way connections FROM other boards TO the Main Board.

Is there way for the previously mentioned warning to provide a list of the columns/board connections that will be severed? It doesn’t complain when everything is configured correctly so I can only assume that the software is completing some kind of check on those connections.

Alternatively, does anyone know of another workaround for what we’re trying to achieve?

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Hello there @booey811,

What about getting all the data of the connection between items and boards via API and then replicating that in the other board? You can create the connect board and mirror columns manually, and then add the connections via API.

What do you think?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Hi Matias,

Thanks for the input, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

The issue is getting the connection data; your idea will work for all connections where the connection is visible on our ‘Main Board’, but not for one-way connections coming FROM another board, as the main board is completely naive of these.

I will definitely give your idea a go though and report back to the positives/negatives!

Thanks again

Hello again @booey811,

If you could send us an email to with a screen recording showing your entire flow and what you want to achieve, we will be happy to take a look and try to figure out the best way to proceed from there :grin:

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


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Hello @booey811 !

I do not have anything to add regarding finding the which boards have a one way connection to your main board, but would like to recommend always using two-way connections.

It is a practice we use internally and for all of our clients to avoid problems that might come up, like yours.

Even if you do not use the connect column on the “2nd” board, you can just hide it. And do not worry, the connection from the 2way connection on the “2nd” board does not count towards the connection limits.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at