Moving Updates/Photos from CRM to Separate Board

Hi - So I have a board which houses my CRM where I track deals. I make updates off site while visiting leads - notes - photos. when I win a deal, the lead turns into an active project on a separate board. I want my notes and photos to move from the deal over to the new active client board. Is there any way I can do this? It seems crazy to lose all of this data. Thanks.

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Hi @Zen

While we wouldn’t recommend a single board CRM set up, I think the recipe you’re looking for is this one:

It will need you to have the same columns you’d like to keep the data for in the receiving board, and for them to be mapped accordingly within the recipe, but as it’s being moved and not a new item created, the updates section and all attached notes would move with it. Would love to speak with you more around your CRM and give you a demo to help with some food for thought.

Drop us an email if you’d like to schedule something in!
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