To move or copy closed lead into 'active client' board?

I have a board for sales - tracking each pulse as an individual lead. Once the status is ‘deposit paid’ I want an entry created in my ‘active client’ board that triggers the production team ot get moving. So, if I “when status is x, create item in active client board” - can I also copy over the notes that the sales person has made? OR do I in fact MOVE the pulse from the sales board to the client board? This sounds better, BUT if I do that, how can we make a copy back on the sales board, so the sales person can keep track of their closed deals? I don’t want it to be gone from the sales board, we need a record of it in both, but need all the info transferred over.

Hey @Stacey - thanks for sharing your use case and desire workflow.

If you are looking to only have to boards (active client & sales team board) you can make use of the Mirror column.

If you are looking to have a board for each team member I would recommend using this recipe instead:

Once your sales reps get it, they can make any update needed. You will then create a Table Widget inside a Dashboard to pull all those individual boards and have a full view.

Let us know what you think.