Multiple Date Columns in order

Hello! We have several date columns and want which every is the most recent to be at the top. For example it should go in order via dates not just one column trumping a different column. See this example the dates are not working. We can do custom sort this it will only show one column date order at a time. So in this picture, it shows Dec 5 Task due date then the Internal Due date is older. Is there a way to have this sorted where the Task Due date will actually drop to the correct date and the task due date will show ascending too.


Hey Rachael!

Charlotte here with the monday support team! Happy to help with this!

Regarding trying to save multiple column sorts at once, you can do this but one column will always have to be the one to take precedence and direct the others how to sort.
For more information on how this works, check out the “Subsort with multiple items” section in this article.

To clarify your last question, are you looking for there to be blank cells between the November 16 date and the Dec 5 date? If so, you would have to manually input the December 5 date in the cell you want it, as it is directly correlated to that item and unless you add items in between those two items’ cells, there will not be any cells between them.

Does this help? Let us know what you think!

Hi Charlotte, that is really what I already had - It doesn’t work. Is there any other option…

Hi Charlotte, I’ve found this formula creates a column that is helpful below - but I wonder if there is a way to only show one date not multiple.