Multiple Interviews for same Candidate

Hi. I have a table with current candidates. When we select them for an interview it creates a new entry in a related table with several interview fields and questions for the recruiter to fill out.

My first question relates to entering new data in through a form. The existing form will ADD a new candidate but not select an existing candidate and add new values for the various fields.

My second question relates to having more than one employee interview the candidate and then have the inputs aggregated. I guess I could create the same candidate within a separate group for reach interviewer on the same page that is not really ideal. We might decide to only have one interview for a particular candidate. Also, over time the number of interviewers might change.

any thougths?

Hi there @jimbo.jones - Welcome to the community!

Have you considered subitems? I’m not sure whether you are using statuses or numerical values to rank your candidates, but either can work with subitems adding up to the total parent row. Or I would just have each interviewer add a separate row for their interview responses and rankings, and then do a report on them in total by having a column for the applicant name, so they can be totaled. Or you could use the Groups if that is easier.

There are several ways to do this. I’d be happy to chat with you about some ideas if you would like a no-charge strategy session. You can book one here: Book Polished Geek: more with