Multiple Items to DocuGen

I have a Statement of Work workflow where I have multiple Items (with subitems) that I will add to a group. From here, I want to be able to add each item and it’s subitems to one document with DocuGen. Is this possible? So far I’ve only seen the ability to generate document from a button/status on one item.

For my SOW, I would like to add an item (milestone) and subitems (tasks of milestone) multiple times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I understand how valuable it would be to generate a document using DocuGen that includes both an item and its subitems within your Statement of Work (SOW) workflow.

Using the <<subitems_header>> and <<subitems_body>> placeholders in your document template, you can have DocuGen insert the subitems from your board, specifically the subitems belonging to the row that generated the document.

You can also:

  1. Style the subitem columns and rows in your document
  2. Insert images from your subitems

However, if you you need any more help would like to discuss implementing this, our team of developers is adept at creating custom solutions and integrations to enhance the functionality of Feel free to reach me at

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so i understand that it is not possible to build a template that prints at once all items with the belonging subitems?

@bglick @Tamir Sami here, founder of DocuGen. You are right: DocuGen does not currently have the ability to generate a document that contains multiple items with their corresponding subitems. However, there are currently two similar customer ideas on our community website – I encourage you to add your vote to the one(s) that resonates best with your requirements (it’s just a click away!)