Multiple Milestones - Dates on Calendar View

I am creating a calendar and need to set a column of dates as milestones so that they appear on the calendar. Is there a way to set multiple milestones at once?

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Hi @Kristi :wave:

There sure is! You can set any item’s timeline column as a milestone date, multiple is fine. To view it in the calendar though, I would recommend setting it up as either a calendar view or the calendar widget on a dashboard, and then filter the timeline column to ‘milestones’ so you know those are the ones.

There isn’t much visually to differentiate between milestone and normal on the calendar, but with a filter on you know you can be sure only the milestones are present in that view.

Here’s an article to help you navigate next steps, but feel free to reach me anytime.

Peta | upstream :slight_smile: