My Work Customization & Mobile Preview Fields

When viewing the “My Work” list of tasks on mobile, it would be very useful to have the ability to select which fields are shown in the preview card. As of now, only task name, the parent/sub item, status, and date/timeline are shown and they can’t be changed which is incredibly frustrating. For example, “location” is very useful for directing field workers.

The ability to change how “My Work” is organized in the first place would also be helpful as not everything is driven by dates. Also, as an aside, listing date in the preview is redundant as my work is already organized by this field.

This critical for us as well. We use priorities (a status field) and Estimated Time (a number field, to track how long projects should take so we can optimize workload), and I can’t see these in My Work, which makes “My Work” pretty useless for our team.

I agree - it would also be helpful to have the column sizes be customizable. For instance the item name (left column) usually has a ton of room, but the then board name and group name are cutoff so you can’t gain full context to the item information.

It would be great for My-work mobile interface to also show the board/group level details.

We have many projects that include similar item details (ex: client review) so having more context in the my work mobile area at-a-glance would be ideal