My Work prioritizes "Later" category instead of "overdue" or "this week" when over 1000 items limit

I have a lot of projects to manage. I’m reaching the 1000 item limit on my “My Work” tab.

The issue is that I’m only seeing “Later” items, nothing that is “Overdue” or “This Week”. Just 1000 items in the “Later” category.

This completely breaks my process and renders unusable.

Has anyone encountered this or have a fix? I don’t even need the “Later” category. It’s useless.

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I’m interested in this question as well. I have not yet hit my limit, but I see many people in our instance that may reach that limit as we continue to grow. It would be very important to prioritize the items with dates that are near/overdue over the later and without a date sections so the team can prioritize on the most pressing items.

I have hidden a few boards as well as selected Hide done items to try and avoid hitting this limit in the meantime, but would still like to learn more about the 1000 item limit.