My Work task context

I am a little confused by “My Work”. I have absolutely no project context for the task so it is absolutely useless to me.

Background: So we settled on using a single Workspace for our main projects. We import several Workboards into a Folder representing the project. Many of the tasks are the same from project to project.

If I use Mywork to see assigned tasks, I just see a list of tasks that are all the same, there is no context via what project, what work board, and no way to click on one and it take you to the board.
If this is how I see it, then I know the rest of my team are going to have the same issue. The whole setup and use of Monday in our context rests on the team members knowing what they need to get accomplished.

Hey Clifford!

Charlotte here for the team! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

You should be able to see the board and group listed above the item name in My Work as shown below:

When you click on either the board name or group title there, it will take you to the board where that item lives.

Another way to access the board straight from My Work: if you click the item and it opens the little item window, you should see a clickable version of the board name at the top of that window that will take you to that item’s board.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you run into any issues trying to find these features!

This is what I have. It looks different. Is there a way to pull the info so I know what Folder it is from? Otherwise I am just randomly clicking on links to find the right project.