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Hello We are a vinyl pressing company who has been using Monday for around 4 months for many aspects of our business. We understand it quite well, and use automations and integrations to an intermediate level. We are looking for someone to help us improve, streamline and automate our boards - in particular how they work together. We are also looking for help to create a production schedule for pressing - this needs to have a 2 way calendar where tasks can be moved to best fit workflow.

Ideally we are looking for someone who can help us in this coming week.

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I am certain we at can help you with your request.

At we have been working using monday for many a year, and we have worked with numerous companies from most industries from all over the world.

We specialize in creating customized solutions, informative dashboards & views, time-saving automations and complex integrations, helping our clients streamline their workflow, implement their company’s vision and positively expand upon it.

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Kathy, we can help. Sending you a PM

Hey @kathyw!

Happy to know that you’re using monday com for work management in your company! To modernize and automate boards and enable two-way calendar synchronization, ‘Cross-Board Automations’ seems the right choice. Cross-board automation offers the ability for boards to sync two or more sources so that the data remains consistent. Similarly, two calendar sources can be linked through this functionality. Hence, whenever a new event or appointment is created in one calendar source, the information gets instantly updated to another source. This way, you can allow your team to organize interconnected projects or processes seamlessly and cohesively. experts from a recognized company can enable cross-board automation and accelerate your workflow efficiency.

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Thanks for that. Are you able to help out with this? Kathy

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