NEED HELP - How to Send Items (in a Group) in an Email or for a Bid Template

I use Monday for my construction company. We have our CRM and sales process mapped out neatly in a board. We have another board where we create groups for projects to identify all of the tasks related to the project with totals for each task. We then aggregate the totals and export into our Excel spreadsheet template (which takes time and we sometimes fatfinger). This step is unnecessary if we could just export this group of items into a template or into a format that we could just send to the customer within an automation email.

Is there anyone who can help us figure out this riddle? this would be a tremendous time saver for us

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Hi @jmkst26 :wave:

Looks like you could do with a demo/some pointers on project management - drop us an email so we can set a time to discuss!
Team Easy :slight_smile: