Automatically put new item in group by name when creating by email

Is there a way to automatically assign an item to a specific group on a board when creating them by email? I have full control over the email being sent… Right now I wish to determine which group by the first word in the item name, but if there’s a way to set status by email, I’d be happy to do that, instead. Or pretty much any other field (is there a way to set other fields when creating by email?)…

Do you had try formulas ?

Hi there @JasonLemonlight !

Gmail has a native integration with that says, “When an email [here you would put conditions on the email] is received, create an item in group”. This will help you gain control of the emails that create items and choose the group you would like them in!

Hope this helps!

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this works, but with the mail-integration files can’t ne send to the board, so you have to choose between these two benefits, or am i missing something?


@AdrianL through the integration you are correct. Right now does not support files being mailed in unless you use the item mail-in ID and upload to the updates section.

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