Multi-step integration

Hi guys,
New to Monday and loving it!
So, if I use an integration such as the Gmail template “When an email is received, create an item in XXX”… how do I add another step after that? In this example, the task is not assigned to a Person in the Person column in the Group. How can I add another step to assign that Task to a Person? I dont want to add an automation to assign all new tasks to a person because I may want certain emails to create tasks for certain people…
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Hi @lucasyoung - Welcome to the community! What may be useful in your case is to trigger an automation off of keywords in an Update. The new email content gets posted as an update, and I assume there are certain words or phrases that would mean employee X gets assigned vs. employee Y. See if that works for your situation.

Ah, perfect, many thanks!
I’ve found a way to notify someone based on keywords, but not assign an item to someone based on keywords. Good enough for now :slight_smile:

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Hey @lucasyoung, thanks for posting! What is the rule by which you assign people? How do you decide who to assign to what?

If you had a different person per group, for example, you could use a custom automation like this.

Thanks :slight_smile:
What I have at the moment is: if an email contains certain text, a new Item is created.
What I’d then like is, if an item is created with that keyword in the Update, it’s assigned to a specific person. Is that possible?
Thanks for the prompt responses :slight_smile:

Hi @lucasyoung - Not yet, but you can notify someone (who would then “claim” the item manually). That might get you by for now until there is a way to do the auto-assignment?

That’s how I’ve done it - many thanks!

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