Need help integrating Outlook (self hosted) with our Monday account

Wondering if I can get some help setting up an email integration with Outlook. We self-host our Outlook program and we need to get this integrated with our Monday account. Because it is self-hosted, we are unable to use the Outlook email integration that Monday offers. (Before we switched to Monday, we used Zoho and had no problem connecting our self-hosted Outlook account to them through an imap integration) I spoke with the help desk and was told Zapier might be an option? Meaning we could integrate our Outlook with Zapier and then there is an easy integration between Zapier and through IMAP by Zapier? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer!!

There is no IMAP integration on as you’ve found.

Zapier or would possibly connect by IMAP, then be able to automate the addition of items to your board. I have never tested this though.

May I inquire further what the exact use case is for your emails to monday? Also which Zoho product were you using (just so I am able to better understand use case)?

I also want to confirm you mean your Exchange is on-premise, not in Microsoft 365. Outlook is just the client software used to access Exchange. (though Outlook is also a web service that is part of Microsoft 365, it still requires Exchange Online to function).

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Thank you so much for your response! To answer your questions:

We would like to be able to email customers from within the Email & Activities tab, be able to choose our own email address (with our company domain) to send it from - and then we want to be able to see the customer’s email response show up inside the item as an update. We have an enterprise account and also have the Monday CRM product.

*We were using the Zoho CRM product and it was an Outlook specific plugin.

And yes - we are using Outlook client, not Outlook web service. Kerio Connect (our email system) is on-premise and works through Exchange protocol.

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Ah, so a non-standard server in addition.

Emails & Activities only integrates with Gmail or “Outlook” - meaning Exchange Online (Microsoft 365). There is no way to integrate sending from Emails & Activities with another server - it doesn’t send via SMTP, but rather the service APIs.

As far as emails inbound from Kerio, it would be possible with IMAP to create an integration. However you’d still need something that knows what item to attach it to. The Emails & Activities because it has API access can see the conversation replies are attached to and track which item they were sent from.

Sorry to say, I am unsure your scenario can be supported without custom programming around it - and definitely not with Emails & Activities.

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Ok - not good news, but I really appreciate your detailed response. Thank you!