Need Help with how to best present my data

Hi there,
I’m still pretty green when it comes to using and I’m scouring this help community for answers (this place rocks btw) but I’m not quite sure I’m finding what I need.

I am currently managing two complex projects out of 2 separate boards but have a need to report on them together. I need to provide the following information to my executive team:

  1. Open & overdue tasks and who they are assigned to.
  2. Open tasks due today and who they are assigned to.

A couple super helpful things to mention:

  • Task Owner is a text field as not all the people are in the platform
  • Both boards heavily use sub-items
  • I have other items displaying on the dashboard that I was easily able to figure out

I’m looking for one place to present all of my data and have made my way in to dashboards but from my understanding the subitems are currently not supported in here? I’ve even tried creating a table view inside each board and embedding them in to the dashboard but apparently the subitems are an issue in the filters of the boards as well?

Is there an app or widget I may be missing that can help? If not and I need to wait for subitem feature released, will they even cover the things I need? I need to begin reporting on this stuff on Friday so any help is appreciated.

Hi @CThomas - a great question for sure. What we would normally advise in this kind of case is to utilize a parent/child board relationship. Where basically, all the data resides in a single “parent” board and the individual project (child) boards can be managed individually. The only main difference is these child boards are a series of mirrored columns from the master. This gives you a single board to base your reporting/dashboards against.

The main issue with this approach and what you have detailed is that subitems are not supported (as you currently cannot mirror subitems between boards). You will also find subitems are not supported in many areas of monday. These features are being added regularly

There is an app called Team View, which is amazing and it does support subitems. This can be viewed directly from a board or added as a dashboard widget. This can easily be filtered to show items due today by who they are assigned to. This may solve many of your issues however it does require individuals to be setup in the people column. To get around this, you can setup these individuals with viewer accounts (free of charge) so they are identified within the people column.

This app does come with a yearly cost (~100$ USD) but includes a free trial. It has been a hit with a number of our clients.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Mark! I’ll have to play around a little and see if I can make the parent/child boards work. The way I have it now the week is the group, the person is the task and the tasks that I need to manage per person are subitems and then I have the milestones as task columns so when everything is collapsed you can see it as a summary. I tried playing a little bit last night with making the person the group so I could move the subitems up to tasks but then I lose that summary view. I’m sure there is something I can do with filters but I just haven’t gotten there yet.