Need to import the updates section

we are moving to a new board in new workspace , I exported the board with the updates section and it was fine.
Why when I import this board, the updates section is not imported too
How can I import it as it is very important

We have done that using . you cannot do it like the way you mentioned above. Let me know if you need help with it.

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Is there a reason you do not duplicate the board, then move the items from the duplicate board to the new board? (that would leave your old board in place)


Then you can map all of your columns when you move items to your new board structure in the new workspace. Updates will get copied over, and your original board remains intact.

No or consulting fees needed.

Thanks a lot, but they are totally 2 different accounts and workspace. will it work with 2 totally different accounts?

No, it will not work. You need to use make.

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You must have access to both accounts, once you duplicate the board, have someone who is an admin on both accounts use the “cross-account copier” feature. You’ll want to put the duplicated board in a folder by itself.

The only limitation here is if the accounts are housed in different data regions, like one in the US and one in the EU - then you cannot use the cross-account copier.

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