Duplicating board with Updates


Didn’t find this topic, so created a new one. I am trying to understand better how the feature of Duplicating boards with Updates works.

That would be great if adding new columns in the main board would reflect in the boards that were created from the duplication of the main board - as I understand now it is not possible?

Also it is still not clear for me what is meant by ‘‘Duplicating with updates’’ - as no matter what changes I do in the main board - it doesn’t reflect in other boards.

Hope that makes sense!

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Hello @MarinaM,

In monday.com Updates are the data (text, images etc) you write in the item view. So when duplicating an item, that is what the “Duplicating with updates” mean.

Hope this helps

hi @kolaai thank you! that makes sense!

so there is no way to duplicate additionally added columns from the main board to duplicated ones after the secondary boards were already created?


As far as I am aware, no, there isn’t a way at the moment

Duplicate a board: this duplicates the info as it stand, they operate independently. meaning changes after you duplicate the boards are not reflected onto the second board. I suggest duplicating the board with the data that you have and linking the boards and columns that would be getting updated. There are plenty of helpful videos on linking boards.

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Hi @Amanda115 thanks a lot for the tip! I will try that!