Need to separate board for specific dept for its own in the same company, but Operation team need to see all data in all depts

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I need to separate board(workspace) for several depts only for its contract, contact data where the rest of dept can not see, access its board(workspace). but in the central HQ, its operation team needs to see the all data from individual dept. I tried to get knowledge from comunity, that is Board level we can do it, but central board is hard to make from 40 depts… Challenge1. how to make a mirror from 40 dept board, Challenge2. hard to manage access permission to individual persons. Challenge3. Risk remains that dept is open to exposure as “Pro-table” default is open… How can I solve 3 above challenges? Enterprise levle can solve all? Looking forward to your help Regards Kevin

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Hi @kevin_jun

Challenge 1 can be solved using the Rollup Multiple Boards App and creating a hierarchy of reflection to a main board where your operations team can see all.

Challenge 2 and 3 are solved with Enterprise licenses, but if you can set up your boards sufficiently with the rollup multiple boards app, you may find that to be less of an issue.

Feel free to email me directly and we can discuss in better detail if preferred :slight_smile:
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Peta - Services Consultant at upstream

Enterprise level definitely offers a much more comprehensive options when managing permissions. For starters, you’ll be able to use fewer boards and just grant visibility to items which are assigned. So rather than having 40 boards, it’s likely you’ll be able to manage this with a board for each “type” of item and then grant access based on a column.

I don’t fully understand “Challenge 3”…

As general advice, I’d say you almost certainly want to consider using Enterprise when advanced permissions are involved. I can’t see a route to your solution without it.

Also, I’d suggest trying to turn your solution upside down. Rather than mirroring data from 40 boards into a single board, you want to be using a single set of boards to store your data and then mirroring that data (or using dashboards) out to boards/dashboards for different departments, sliced up by conditions and restricted by user access.

DM me if you’re interested in discussing this further :+1:

Hi Peta… .thanks for the note. I will try RMB to solve the issue thanks. kevin

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