Nested Board, Subitems of Parentboard is Item in Childboard

Hello community,
is it possible to have a parent board where created subitems are automaticlly new items in childboards and are keeping synced.
Idea is that i create in the mainboard for example project
“be more attracitve” and as a subitem “reduce prices”.
For the subitem i also label which board it should appear and when i start it, it appears in the labbeled board and the status stays in sync.
Items created in childboard should not automaticlly sync with the parent board.
This hierarchy should maybe also possible in a second or third loop.
Thanks everyone

Hi @Falko ,

Subitems on a board is already a part of an hidden board so the main board is parent board and all the subitems belong to this parent is also the part of a virtual board which you actually but it is part of the database and you can treat them as a separate entity(board) if you want to use it through api.

Thanks @aquibk but thats not exactly what i am looking for.
Idea is Parent Board Managment for example has the
project “Be more attractive”
subitem “reduce supplier cost”/board: “buy center”/status:“in progress”/responsible: “Greta”/…
subitem “raise awerness”/board: “marketing”/status:“finished”/ responsible: “Inge”/…

I want then that subitem “reduce supplier cost” automaticlly appears in the board “buy center” as a normal item and that the columns of this subitem and item are synchronisied.

Also when other people create Items in the board “buy center” they dont need to automaiclly appear else where but the can also create subitems again which should then appear in other boards.

Greetings Falko

Hi @Falko ,

I understand what you are trying to achieve, this can only achieved with the help of automations or you may need to use zapier or integromat to fulfill what you’re trying to achieve.

Best Regards,