New app: Capable Org Chart for Teams

Hi Everyone,

I’m really pleased to introduce the latest Capable Koala :koala: app, Capable org chart for Teams!

This app is useful for teams who are planning resources, new hires, restructures, fund raising and much more.

Key benefits our first 100 users have told us about:

  • “… Importantly, once you’ve built your org chart, it’s really easy to export it and use in presentations …”
  • “… I use the org chart not just for my team, but for mapping out my subsidiary companies …”
  • “… It’s super useful being able to add people to the org chart even if they aren’t on yet …”

:point_right: See the full listing, pricing and install from the marketplace :point_left:

All you need to get started is a account on any plan.

Over the coming weeks we’re working hard to add even more great features to support the more complex org charts, e.g. ,those with personal assistants or matrix management.

Full documentation available here: Capable Org Chart for Teams

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments, either here, or by emailing

Many thanks,
Founder @ Capable Koala :koala:

About Capable Koala :koala:: We’re a new company specialising in apps to make monday work even better for other use cases. See more of our apps here:

New feature available: Add any custom fields to your org chart!

This allows showing many diverse usecases such as:

  • contact details
  • sub-departments, teams etc
  • web links to other platforms

The contact cards can now have details such as in the following image:

This was our most requested feature, but we have plenty more to come - keep the requests coming in to