New feature in development: Board discussions!

Hey Bill! I am confirming with the team internally, however from my understanding this feature will be available on both web and the desktop version (as well as the mobile!). I will confirm this as soon as I can :blush:

Hi there, just checking to see if this feature made it to production. Thanks.

Hey Jen,

This feature is currently in gradual release, with full release expected to be complete by the end of Quarter. I will provide updates as they come to me, including any changes to the release date :pray:


Epic! Thank you, this would awesome! . :heart: :heart:

By itself, this feature adds a lot to Monday’s efficiency, especially for remote teams.

I believe that if the ability to update and read these conversations is included in the API at some point, it could be a game-changer. Even when we’re actively using Monday, many item-related discussions often happen on platforms like WhatsApp or during casual office conversations. With this enhancement, work-related conversations would be streamlined within the chat, making tracking and managing items much more effective in the executive level.

Thank you, Monday! We’re really looking forward to this

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In yesterday’s New Features seminar this was shown as a live feature. Do we know when all users will see this feature?

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Hey Boddy - I am checking if we’ve updated our release timeline! Since my last update above, the plan was a gradual release complete by end of Quarter. I will update this comment once I get a response from product :+1:


This update is great and something we have been looking for, for a while. The video is a bit outdated now as there is no chat bubble at the top of the board but this is hided in the board settings options - is there a different spot this notification icon will be living as unless someone is tagged they might not know that there are even conversations to look for.

Hey Emily!

Do you see the board discussion icon in the top left hand corner - with blue dot to indicate new notification?

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 2.15.37 pm

Hi @BiancaT
This is not present in our session either. To access this feature it is within the Board Options > Discussions.


@BiancaT, it’s not visible on our boards yet either. We have to navigate to it using the little ellipsis at the top right. Please, please make it show up by default as in the screenshot you posted.

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Can it be added to my account? I don’t have this feature.

I’m not seeing this either. Is this something that needs to be activated?

Hi Bianca,

That notification does not show on my UI…

Hi all,

Thank you for flagging this with me! Please let me check in with the product team and confirm what’s expected here.

I appreciate your patience with me :pray:

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Thank you for your patience everyone!

I have had confirmation that our new boards header is in gradual release, which explains why you’re unable to access the board discussion feature via the header - yet! I have requested a rough timeline for full release and will update this comment as soon as I have an answer :pray:

It looks like board discussions have been added to my account which is super exciting! Are email notifications configured for this functionality or should users only expect to receive notification of a board discussion update within I’ve been testing this out and my team members said that it did not send them an email. I also do not see an option to turn board discussion notifications on/off in my preferences.

Hi! This is a very appreciated feature, thank you for developing it!

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