"New improved" view makes clicking items to view harder, how do I roll back?

Like an idiot I clicked yes to your “new improved” look.
Now clicking an item doesn’t open it anymore, instead I’m for some reason editing the name of it.
…unless I aim for a tiny part of the row next to the name.

Because you NEVER view items, but changing the name of every old item is something you do …every …day ?

How do I turn that idiotic crap off?
And also: …why?

If you go to the bottom right corner (the thumbs up), I have the option to go back to the previous view.

Does this work for you? I think it was the first option in the list.

[edit] - just adding that whilst I am not a fan of the new view, I don’t personally struggle to open the items as you described above. If you hover over the last inch (approx) of the item, it should say ‘open’ and you can open the item.

Thanks, found it.

I really don’t se why editing the name should be the primary action when clicking a row, and actually using the item should be something that requires you to aim at a small spot or hover to reveal “open”.

That’s just horrible usability.
The whole UI is full of traps like that.
You aim and click some small spot, but just as you click some random control appears under just as you click.

This site is like a petri dish of every noob mistake an inexperienced designer can make.


Can you show me the thumbs up in the bottom right corner, I cant seem to find it @Selena @mats

I personally don’t find it too small, but generally I do agree that there could be improvements to the UX of the platform. I think they are trying to address them though - partially with this re-design even though I am not a fan of the re-design and prefer the current one :sweat_smile:

Should look like this in the bottom right corner.

Sad, I do not have that icon :frowning:

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I am also looking for this icon

Strange, there are a few different functions of the button, so might be worth raising it as a bug that you can’t see it.

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