New look - can't see notification unless item is closed

I switched to the ‘New look’ but am finding it doesn’t work for me. Specifically when I get a notification from someone, in the past I was able to read this on the left and carry on with whatever I was doing on the right of the screen. Now however, when I click on the bell icon (not even on a notification) the item I had open, and was writing an update on, disappears! So I can’t check to see if someone else in the team has responded to something I’m responding about…

Today I thought I’d switch back to the ‘Old look’ while presumably these issues are being resolved, but I can’t! I’m completely unable to access the link, no matter how carefully I move the mouse I end up with Trash or Archive. (The same thing happens when I try to ‘Change theme’). Edit - this is in Firefox. I just tried Chrome and was able to switch back to the ‘Old look’.

However the first issue remains a significant concern ie the ability to work on an update and check notifications as they come in. Why was the decision made to lose functionality that was working well? Is it being fixed?

Also, I usually clicked on the bell icon and opened items in a new tab if I wanted to read the full item. But now, just to see what notifications have come in I’m forced to leave what I’m doing (and somehow find my way back to that) and read the notifications…

Many thanks,

Hey @scoobysnack,

Sorry to hear of these issues! In regard to the new layout and its impact on the updates section when checking notifications, I can see what you mean and have checked on this internally for you.

As for the behaviour you’re encountering in Firefox, this indeed looks strange and something that our support team will need to investigate. Please reach out to who will be happy to help :pray:

Hey @scoobysnack just following up on this. The team internally have confirmed that this is expected behaviour at this time - I apologise for the setback. That said, your feedback has been noted and raised some further discussions internally. If I hear any more information, I will be sure to let you know :+1:

Thank you for following up @BiancaT

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