New notifications panel!


:star: our new notifications panel :star:

Have you ever struggled to locate certain notifications but forgotten the specific time it was sent? We definitely have! Finally, we have added the ability to filter notifications by the person who has created them:open_mouth:

With this addition, you can more conveniently control communication and project updates across your account; important, right?! What do you think?

Check out the video demonstration attached to see how it works!

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That’s nice. I miss the ability though to mark them as read though while still leaving them there to action at a later time as we could before these changes.

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On my side I’m still seeing that as an option if I’m understanding what you mean. Apologies if I’ve misunderstood.

If you hover over a notification and to the right you can click the circle for “Mark as read”

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Thanks for that screen share. That must have been re-added as I saw others complain about that loss of functionality too when it first changed.

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Really appreciate this feedback Pamela - thanks for sharing. Can I ask if this is what you’re referring to?


Oh I can see Krishele responded! Glad this has helped :slight_smile:

@BiancaT i have a small feedback, would be great to filters by team / guests
To understand why,
think you want to check after you holidays a certain teams notifications or even more importantly a guests notifications which is a client more often than not, it would be nice to filter by these and see all guest notifications.
being honnest not a super important update but I tested that today as it would have been useful

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Thank you for sharing your feedback Neal - great suggestions here! Whilst you are able to filter for the specific Guest by typing their name, I can understand the ability to filter all guests to pull all client related communication, as well as all teams would be beneficial. I will share your comments directly with our team internally :pray: