New Integrations: Facebook Ads & OneDrive

We’re excited to share with you that we’ve just released the first two integrations that we worked on doing our integrations hackathon!:tada:

With our OneDrive integration you’re now able to add files directly from your OneDrive account!
Simply click on add files and choose OneDrive!
To learn more check out this great article

Ads Manager is a Facebook tool used to create, manage, and track your Facebook Ads campaigns. You can now use to integrate with Facebook Ads to manage your campaigns and your work all in one place.
To learn more check out this great article

Stay tuned for more exciting news! :partying_face:


Would be great if you could add filters and time ranges. I have an account with a lot of history and a lot of old / paused campaigns are synced :).

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Thanks for the feedback @robin!

Do you want to open a feature request for this? :smiley:

love this integration with facebook ads

but I can only see data from the campaign level.

As someone who runs ads on facebook, a good part of my analysis with my campaigns happens on the ad set level. it would be amazing to see what is happening with my campaigns in the ad set level on monday.

Would that be possible?