New Monday Docs - email notification when @mentioned in the doc


I really like the new docs!

However, when you @mention a user they get a notification, and where it says in the email “open item / go to item” and you click it, the doc doesn’t open?

Instead this CTA will open the board the doc is situation within.

With many many tasks etc the user then needs to read the title of the doc and go and find it.

When the user clicks that CTA from the email, could it open the actual doc and anchor the user to where their name was @ mentioned?


We’re having an issue that’s related to this - when we click on any notification that we were @mentioned in - but this time, it’s the notifications in the dashboard (Both the app and browser). It only takes us to the board and not the actual doc itself.
We had to click on a sub-item, any sub-item that is not related, and then the doc that we were @mentioned in pops-up.

 Was there any update on this?