New SDK Methods for Opening & Uploading Files

:sparkles::sparkles:Hi everyone!

Wanted to quickly jump on and announce our two new monday.execute() methods in our SDK.

What are these new methods?

You now have the ability to open existing files on a board using the monday.execute("openFilesDialog", ...) method.

Additionally, you’re able to trigger a local file upload pop-up window in your app using the monday.execute("triggerFilesUpload", ...) method.

Example app

We created a very simple example app showing you how these two methods will work. Here is what users will see in the UI of this example app:

We built this example app by modifying the App.js file in our Quickstart React code. Here is a screenshot of our modified file:

You can see that in this example, we inputted the relevant IDs for these two methods manually. You can also, of course, include other SDK methods that will return the relevant IDs, depending on what the user has selected on their boards.

Things to keep in mind

1. The monday.execute("triggerFilesUpload", ...) method will not work in the app preview section. This is something our developers are aware of and are working to address. For now, if you add your view app to an item, board, or dashboard, the feature will work as expected.

2. These methods will not work across boards. You must be sure that the files you are looking to open are located on the board that’s currently open. Same thing applies to uploading a file: the file must be uploaded to the board that’s currently open.

We are so excited for you to start using these methods! Feel free to navigate to our SDK page here for more information. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Happy building~