New Task from a form

Hi everyone, question on a specific topic and I’ve tried using the General Caster app integrated. Here’s the scenario, when someone submitted a project by using a form, the project name of course is in the request form, but when it populates to a group, the Project name column exist but under tasks it’s showing Incoming Project Request as a title.

Is there a formula, app integration that we can use. How can I automate and copy that project name replace the task and replace it?

I downloaded the General Caster app integration, but this formula doesn’t exist

Thank you

Hi @Rheaigarta - welcome to the community! Within the form you can set the item name as visible, so maybe this would be an option to use as the Project Name? You can find this setting under Customize > Builder Settings:


Another option is to use an App like Item Name Automations that will update the name of an item based on other columns as they change.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! Let me try tomorrow and will reach out if any questions.

That didn’t work for me. Currently this is the column we have. I’ve tried it :frowning:

Hi @Rheaigarta - but selecting the “show name question” option it should work. I tested it again and it works as expected. You may need to contact to check it out.