New user here - Folders Vs Workspaces to Differentiate Management Info vs Employee Info

Hi all,

I’ve just changed from Clickup to Monday for a more stable user experience. I am liking Monday and little by little perfecting for our company use.

I have run into this and don’t know the limitations of each item at the moment. What are the pros and cons of using folders vs an entirely new workspace for things that are for management level only?

We are a small team so I am trying to keep things simple without having to create a million different boards and workspaces, but it’s slowly growing…


hi @alext

Welcome to the community! The main difference between folders and workspaces is that folders are just a placeholder, nothing to setup on a folder. Workspace can have different types “Open” and “Closed” and reading through your post that might the best solution for management level only boards.

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Thank you, I appreciate your reply!

I use both options. For HR, they have their own workspace and folders within the workspace. The HR workspace is only visible to HR staff invited to the workspace. For IT there is a workspace open to everyone. Specific boards in folders where Sr Leadership reviews progress of selected projects is closed to everyone except Sr Leadership. Project updates go to a summary board via mirroring. Only Sr Leadership sees that board so no one can modify it directly. Any modifications to content displayed on the summary board are made in the project board by the project owner and simply reflected in the summary board.

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