News section / banner visible throughout the site

In addition to the classic monday notifications with bell/inbox, it would be possible to implement a “banner containing news” type section on the site, customizable, viewable on any page of the site, where the admin or selected users can enter news that the entire team must see and highlight without necessarily using a message sent and delivered as an inbox notification.

I was thinking of something text only that could scroll along an edge of the screen or even remain fixed and possibly scroll after 1 minute to show the next news (if there was more than one).

An example could be the signaling of a maintenance period which will be carried out on a given day at a given time during which the corporate data server will be down.
The news would be uploaded 1-2 days before so that all team members can read it and, once the maintenance is over, it would be removed.


I’m interested in the ability to add a banner across the top of a Monday instance as well.

In my case we are making a change to a process our team currently uses for Monday, we have sent an email to notify people of this change, but a banner at the top of Monday that could be left up for 1-2 weeks as a reminder would be super useful. The banner could be customizable with text and should be visible at the top of all boards, docs, dashboards etc.